About us

Goldy is a London based independent fashion label created by designer, Zlatka Burger. Growing up in Slovakia her class-mates during english lessons would endearingly refer to her as Goldy – the direct english translation of Zlatka. So from a young age Zlatka knew the signature name of her future label.

It took a few more years of studying at Slovakia’s most prestigious School of Fashion, and then added years honing her craft, before Goldy could be fully realised as the distinctive and individual style we see today. Hard work and passion has culminated in a label that is feminine, elegant, and sophisticated, with a strong emphasis on design.

The Goldy collections are created using 100% natural fabrics; organic cottons and bamboo, alongside silks and linens, and for the cold winter months Zlatka personally hunts out the softest wools and finest tweeds in the UK, for your absolute comfort.